Classical Education Students

Fall 2024

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Classical education is centered on the seven liberal arts, and its ultimate goal is Wisdom.  Classical education has a rich history as the primary mode of education in Western civilization, before Modern education begins roughly 175 years ago.  Catholic classical education is oriented entirely towards God and a life of Christian devotion.  It is not simply another version of modern education or just another teaching method, it is an ancient and universal education that is tried and true, proven to produce the greatest intellectuals and Saints the world has ever known.  Until this time, it has been lost for many generations, so that it is extremely rare to find someone classically trained.  These lost arts are being rediscovered and restored, and a new generation will benefit richly from its study.

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A True Catholic classical school strives to Glorify God by forming Virtuous Scholars with a Strong Catholic Identity.

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The purpose of this survey is to gather information concerning interest in opening a Catholic Classical School in the Wausau area. Please forward this survey to anyone else you know who may be interested.